My work veers between 2 and 3-dimensional, often settling on 2.5 dimensions.

Much of what I do is site-specific installation; I aim to create an experience that can be entered, either physically or metaphorically, the story of one moment, distilled from a series of many possibilities.

My background in massage and bodywork greatly influences my art. Both require looking closely, and finding meaning and connection in shadowy, quiet spaces.

Ideally, my work resides on the edges between lightness and darkness, which are inseparable.. Through the use of “non-traditional” materials, fragments, imperfect multiples and collage, I aim to describe an experience of being alive, and some of what that entails.

Individual pieces become reminders of an elusive singular whole, which can be glimpsed only at times out of the corner of the eye. The end result is an organic alchemy of fact material, and subjective beauty, all in dream form, comprised of images that may scatter upon “waking”.,

In my work, I am interested in creating a moment that feels like an object. Like a dream and like life itself, it is both fleeting and inhabitable.