My work veers between 2 and 3-dimensional, often settling on 2.5 dimensions.

Much of what I do is site-specific installation; I aim to create an experience that can be entered, either physically or metaphorically, the story of one moment, distilled from a series of many possibilities.

My background in massage and bodywork influences my art. Both require looking closely, and finding meaning and connection in shadowy, quiet spaces.

Ideally, my work resides on the ephemeral edge between light and dark. Individual pieces become reminders of a singular experience, just as record of all experience resides within and upon the physical body.

I’m interested in the narrative of movement through space and time, through the creation of large-scale drawings, paintings, projection and installation works.

I use non-traditional materials such as sharpie and masking tape in combination with oil paint and gold leaf.

Recently I’ve been working on a series involving the wolf, the guardian and the ladder. This is a dream mythology and/or wish, in which the guardian, who watches over, is secretly watched over by the wolf, the larger unseen facet that is part of every aspect of reality.

In my story, the guardian  always chooses to continue, even in the face of unfavorable odds.  There is truth and absurdity within that fact; the end result is an organic alchemy of fact and material, in dream form. A dream here is defined as a moment in time, comprised of briefly seen pictures that scatter upon “waking”.

I am interested in creating an experience that is felt as an object. Like a dream, it is both fleeting and inhabitable. My goal is to create work that extends the single moment, appearing almost to stop time.