Pangaea proposal

The earth we inhabit today is just one of the many incarnations of this planet. Things are always in flux sometimes in increments so small they go unnoticed...

My work is an ongoing visual story. Individual pieces function alone, and also as part of a much larger whole. The goal is to convey the feeling of living at this particular time, with its serious and growing environmental, political and spiritual threats, to portray one moment in the form of an installation. One of my biggest challenges is finding the space to show it together, in the way I envision it.

The site-specific piece invites people to physically enter a quietly epic story, experience the dark and light, and metaphorically find their way through. The piece includes elements of paintings and drawings combined with sculpture, photography, and sound. Portals, layers, corners and ambiguous spaces are created, inhabited by different breeds of hybrid guardian figures, as well as by the viewer. Photo images can be posted in random spots outside, triggering curiosity, and reconnecting the artwork in the gallery with the world outside.

The story's ending hasn't yet been written. It is a continuing push/pull between many inseparable extremes, I don’t claim to know the outcome or provide any answers.

Ideally, what comes across are qualities of strength, resilience, determination and adaptability; the state of being unbreakable, mixed with equal doses of beauty and fury! We all need to be heroic